Harvest Festival Lesson Ideas

As a teacher I am always amazed at how little the children at school understand about the meaning of Harvest Festival when they attend a school harvest festival every year.
It is important for children to understand the meaning behind harvest festival.

Lesson Ideas

  • Discuss the meaning of harvest festival with the children and then the children explain what harvest festival means in their own words.
  • Children complete a story board of the meaning of harvest.
  • Research how harvest is celebrated in different countries.
  • Visit a farm during potato harvest.
  • Get a farmer to talk to the class or school about crops that are harvested.
  • Children research different crops that are harvested and draw pictures and write about the different crops.
  • Look at food products made from harvested produce.
  • Draw fruit, vegetables and loaves of bread in crayon or pastel to show in assembly.
  • Learn about when arable crops are planted and harvested and draw storyboard explaining the planting and harvesting calendar.
  • Draw up a timeline of the farming year.
  • Sequence pictures of farming activities to learn about how crops are grown and harvested.
  • Learn about area and perimeter in maths using field measurements.
  • Learn about weight and mass through the study of farm produce.
  • Write poems about harvest.
  • Draw self portraits by drawing fruit and vegetables to create the features of the face – look at artists work portraying vegetable faces.
  • Create fruit and vegetable faces using real fruit and vegetable.
  • Write a recipe using harvested ingredients.
  • Bake bread and make sandwiches.
  • Visit a mill and watch the corn being milled and made into flour.
  • Find out about the nutritional value of bread.
  • Make corn dollies.
  • Learn about local seasonal food products.
  • Pick a food product or meal and work out where all the ingredients have come from and how many airmiles used to bring the food to the children.
  • Act out farming activities.
  • Draw one thing the children could harvest this week from their own garden, park, allotment or roadside.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ideas, so if you can think of any more good lesson ideas then I would be pleased to hear from you.

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