Photo Hunt: Theme Practical

This weeks photo hunt theme is practical and I have struggled with this as every task on the farm is a practical task so I had lots of photos and situations to choose from, so what should I choose?

I have decided to show two objects that my husband has made and which are used on the farm.

A Frame Chicken Hut The A frame chicken hut was made for me when I got Hatty & Hetty my two white leghorns back in 2004. The hut has since been home to a partridge and many guinea fowl. Hatty is now living with the guinea fowl in a larger hut but she still pops over to the A frame to see who is living in her house, I’m sure she would take up residence like a shot if I gave her a chance.

Owl BoxThe owl box was a Christmas gift a few years ago as I love to see the barn owls flying over our fields. I also enjoy hunting out the owl pellets. Steve thought that if we had an owl box the barn owl might nest in the box. as yet we haven’t had any owls, only pigeons nesting inside.


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