Snail Control In The Garden

The Garden Snail

The garden snail is seen as a pest by many gardeners and vegetable growers since the snail predominantly eats leaf and plant materials. Garden snails will damage both the garden plants and the fruit and vegetable crops.

It would be impossible for the gardener to eradicate the snail from the garden completely and some might say unethical, but controlling the numbers of snails to a reasonably low level is necessary for plants and vegetable crops to thrive and survive.

The Garden Snail

There are many methods of snail pest control for the gardener to choose from. There are lots of organic and chemical products on the market as well as other methods of pest control such as picking the snails off the plants by hand.

A gang of guinea fowl.Gang of guinea fowl.

I have found that since I have had my guinea fowl the numbers of snails has diminished and I don’t need to use alternative methods of snail control. 

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Dead Snails Leave No Trails: Natural Pest Control for Home and Garden




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