Toffee Apples

I have never made toffee apples but as I have an abundance of apples from the orchard, I thought toffee apples would make a good treat for the trick or treaters that will call by on halloween night.

Toffee Apple Recipe


  • 6 small eating apples.
  • 100g/4oz butter.
  • 225g/8oz granulated sugar
  • 225g/8oz golden syrup.
  • 6 wooden lolly sticks.


  1. Put the butter, sugar and syrup into a pan and stir over a low heat until the butter has melted and the sugar dissolves.
  2. Boil steadily until the toffee cracks.
  3. Wash the apples and wipe dry.
  4. Insert the wooden lolly stick into the base of the apple.
  5. Dip the apples into the toffee and leave the toffee to harden by placing on a baking try lined with greaseproof paper.

I’ll let you know how the recipe goes both with me, the cook and the trick or treaters!

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