Christmas Gifts

Have you bought all your Christmas gifts yet?
Well don’t worry if you haven’t because Farming Friends has the perfect present. For any of your animal loving family and friends then the farm animal penpal gift makes the perfect present.

The Farming Friends penpal gifts let the penpal recipient learn about farm animals in an interesting way. At a cost of only £12 the Farming Friends penpal will receive;

  • An introductory letter from the farm animal penpal.
  • A photograph of the farm animal penpal.
  • A birthday card from the farm animal penpal.
  • A Christmas card from the farm animal penpal.

Choose a chicken, cow or guinea fowl penpal.

Order now as a Christmas gift and get a complimentary gift for the penpal recipient.

Buy a Farming Friends penpal as a gift for a friend, family member, a child, a group or class of children. This is an ideal gift for a child or group of children as it not only enables the children to learn about farm animals and life on a farm but it can also help the children to develop their reading and letter writing skills if they want to write back to their penpal. The penpal will of course find time to send a reply.

This gift will provide the recipient penpal with;

  • Facts about the chosen farm animal – what type of animal they are, what breed they are, what they eat and what they produce.
  • An insight into farming life.
  • A link between food and farming.
  • Personal information about the farm animal.

So get shopping now from the comfort of your home and remember that your gift will be sent straight to your door or even the penpal recipient, so don’t delay order one of the farm animal penpals today.