Farm Animals

Favourite Farm Animal Poll

Which is your favourite farm animal?

This was the poll that farmingfriends has been running for the past two months.

The categories included cattle, chickens, sheep, guinea fowl, pigs, ducks, goats, horses, geese and turkeys.

In a 2 month period 145 people voted – thanks to everyone who voted.

The results were as follows;

Cattle = 25 votes.

Chickens = 16 votes.

Sheep = 12 votes.

Guinea Fowl = 7 votes.

Pigs = 22 votes.

Ducks = 12 votes.

Goats = 11 votes.

Horses = 32 votes.

Geese = 3 votes.

Turkeys = 5 votes.

The most popular farm animal was the horse and the least popular farm animal was the goose. I could have predicted geese being the least favourite but I would not have predicted the horse as the favourite.

Let me know your opinion about the results of this poll and whether you agree with the voting.