Incubating Coturnix (Japanese) Quail

Incubation Period
The incubation period for Coturnix (Japanese) quail eggs is 17 days.
Incubation Temperature
The temperature in the incubator for Coturnix (Japanese) quail eggs is 99.5-99.9 degrees fahrenheit.
Humidity Levels
The humidity level (wet bulb thermometer) for Coturnix (Japanese) quail eggs is 84-88 degrees fahrenheit.
Final Day Of Egg Rotation
The final day of egg rotation for Coturnix (Japanese) quail eggs is day 15.
Please note that all of this information is only a guide and that this information may differ according to the incubator manufacturer’s guide.
Always consult the manufacturer’s guide when using an incubator and automatic egg turner.

4 thoughts on “Incubating Coturnix (Japanese) Quail”

  1. OMG! thanks for all the info. what are the chances of my eggs to be fertile? One day i got home and the temp. was 110 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was totally freaked out! i was so close to hatching day…….. but they never hatched 🙁 but i am not going to give up until i get my babe!

  2. I had 23 eggs and 15 hatched !!! They all hatched on the Sunday night and all day Moday, they were not due untill Wednesday or Thursday O.o

  3. My japanese quail eggs were put in my homemade incubator but i put them underneath the light bulb for 24 hours i checked the tempreture the next day and the temp was 50 degrees!!!!!!! I immediatly removed the eggs away fromt eh bulb and the eggs are duee to hatch on wednsday i am still un aware if the eggs are in fertil ebecause of the first tem/
    Thank You for reading 🙂

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