Quail Hatching Out

The quail eggs in the incubator have just started to hatch out. They have been in the incubator for just over 2 weeks. I turned off the automatic egg turner on day 15 and now one quail has hatched out so far. The breed of quail is the coturnix japanese quail which take 17 days to hatch. I have about 40 eggs in the incubator so it will be interesting to see how many hatch out.

The quail that has hatched is very small and looks like it has brown coloured downy feathers on it’s body. This quail will stay in the incubator for the next 24 hours until it’s feathers have dried out and hopefully some more of the quail have hatched. Then the chick will move to the brooder.

I will keep you posted with news from the incubator and photos of the quail chick when it moves to the brooder.

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