Quail Hatching Statistics

42 coturnix japanese quail eggs have been in the incubator for 17 days.
19 quail chicks hatched out unaided.
6 quail chicks hatched out with assistance.
2 eggs had partially formed chicks inside.
15 eggs were not fertile.
Currently only 2 of the quail chicks have died.

Quail Egg Hatch Rate – 25 quail eggs hatched out divided by 42 quail eggs in the incubator = 59% hatch rate.

Quail Hatchability – 25 quail eggs hatched out divided by 27 fertile quail eggs = 93% hatchability. This is a great hatchability rate for the first time we have incubated quail eggs.

Quail Egg Fertility – 27 fertile quail eggs divided by 42 quail eggs in the incubator = 64% fertility. This is a reasonable fertility rate for this time of the year as the male quail‘s fertility is effected by cold temperatures, thus breeding quail in November when the weather is colder can effect the fertility rate of the eggs. 15 quail eggs were infertile and this makes an infertility rate of 36%.

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