Sick Pigs

Sick pigs are a worry. This week I went out to feed the pigs and just as I had given them their feed, suddenly both Cagney and Lacy started to be sick. I had given them a couple of apples which is not out of the ordinary and their barley and pig concentrate mix. I thought that the apples had made the pigs sick and as Lacy recovered quickly I was sure this was the case but Cagney was unwell all day;

  • she was physically sick a few times,
  • she wouldn’t eat,
  • she was drinking lots,
  • she looked subdued,
  • she didn’t want to get up.

I was very worried and kept popping out to check that the sows were ok. By late evening Cagney had started to improve which was a great relief.

I am pleased to report that both pigs are now fully recovered and I have now stopped feeding them apples.