Calf Born

Calving of our beef cattle herd normally occurs during February and March, however in 2006 we introduced a new bull who was quite young. It took some time for our cows to get in calf and the result has been calves being born throughout the year. Our reliable Charolais bull had to be replaced as he had got an abscess on his stomach which kept re-appearing. It was a shame to lose this bull as he was a very gentle yet experienced bull. Our new bull is also very gentle and good to deal with.

December’s Charolais calfIn November three calves were born and one has been born in December so far. This month’s calf is a Charolais heifer calf – seen in the picture only a few hours old.

Lucky for us the cows have calved during the day and not in the middle of the night when the temperature drops and nobody really wants to get out of bed to check if the cow is calving!