Looking Back Over 2007

A while ago I was tagged for seven random facts so I have decided to look back over 2007 and write about the highlights of 2007 for farmingfriends. So thank you Dressage Mom for tagging me.

  1. One of the highlights of 2007 for me was the Interblog Guinea Fowl Breeding Project – when I sent The Cottage Smallholder 6 guinea fowl eggs for their broody hen Mrs Boss to sit on and 5 of the eggs hatched out. The thrill and joy of knowing that the guinea fowl successfully hatched and have grown well and bring pleasure to Mrs Boss as well as Fiona and Danny @ The Cottage Smallholder is just amazing.
  2. Another highlight was the support given to me and my family when the farm was flooded. Although the flood was a horrible occurrence, the way that people offered their support and thoughts was wonderful. Lots of friends, family and blogging pals sent their support and this meant alot – so thank you all. Topveg even sent me some leek slips to plant in my garden after the flood subsided, which was very thoughtful indeed. Infact I have enjoyed reading all the comments from my visitors and making friends with fellow bloggers. A real community spirit is alive amongst internet users and fellow bloggers. It is great to know that others share the same interests as you or that upon reading one of my posts have a similar story or memory to share.
  3. Watching the piglets being born was a wonderful experience. I was amazed at the speed of the delivery and the speed with which the piglets were able to move about and hunt for their mother’s milk. Within minutes the piglets were scurrying around, suckling and within a few hours the piglets were able to climb about.
  4. Setting up my penpal scheme for pigs, cattle, hens and guinea fowl has been interesting and the feeling when I sold my first penpal was brilliant so thank you to all my customers. The animals have enjoyed writing their letters!
  5. Reading all the farming stories that fellow bloggers have shared with me and allowed me to publish on my Guest Appearance Farming Story spot has definately been a highlight for me.
  6. The Photograph of the Month Competitions and the Photograph Caption Competitions that I run every month are a monthly highlight as the captions often make me laugh and the photographs that are kindly sent in are often humorous, cute, beautiful or just inspirational.
  7. Watching as the guinea fowl and quail eggs hatch has certainly been a highlight for me. The thrill of seeing an egg pipped and then watching as the cracks appear on the shell and then a beak appears and then the chick emerges is indescribable.

If you would like to write about the highlights of 2007 for you then consider yourself tagged. Let me know what the highlight was for you.