Seeds In The Post From The Smallest Smallholding

Lucy from Smallest Smallholding sent me some seeds in the post a while ago. So thank you Lucy.

I was sent Sweetpea and Hollyhocks which I look forward to planting. I have tried to grow sweetpea before and produced a few but I have always been late with my seed sowing. I have never grown hollyhocks so this will be a first for me.

If anyone in the UK would like to exchange any seeds then I have:

Aquilegia (latin name) – Columbine. Purple and Pink varieties.
Dianthus (latin name) – Rockery pink. White variety.
Nigella (latin name) – Love in a mist. Light blue variety.
Primula japonica (latin name) – Candelabra Primrose. Yellow variety.
Primula variabilis (latin name) – Polyanthus.Yellow and red varieties.
Viola (latin name) – Pansy. Mixed colours.
Helianthus (latin name) – Sunflower. Yellow and ruby eclipse.

Colleen over at In The Garden Online has come up with the idea of garden bloggers exchanging seeds they collect from the plants and flowers in their gardens. I think this is a great idea but the problem is I live in the UK and Colleen lives in Michigan which makes seed swopping difficult due to the laws on exchanging seeds between countries.

Colleen and I would like to hear from anyone both in the UK and abroad who would also be interested in joining Colleen’s Gardenblogger seed exchange. So if you are interested please leave a comment here or click on this link for more information about the Gardenblogger Seed Exchange and leave a comment on Colleen’s website.

I would like to exchange the seeds I have collected as I am interested in creating an area in my garden that is made up of plants and seeds that I have exchanged with friends and fellow bloggers. BoggyWoggy gave me this idea as her Great Grandma had a “friendship garden” which was reserved for planting seeds that had been given to her.

If you are interested in taking part in the seed exchange or you are interested in any of my seeds that I have collected that please let me know by leaving a comment.