Photo Hunt : Theme Delicious

The theme for this week is delicious and this is an easy one for me. I knew straight away that one of the most delicious meals is my pot roasted guinea fowl recipe.

Pot Roasted Guinea FowlPot Roasted Guinea Fowl

We breed and raise guinea fowl. Some of the guinea fowl flock are breeding stock and then guinea hens are layers and other guinea fowl males are raised for their meat. For meat eaters like myself I am sure there is nothing more satisfying than to know where your meat has come from, what it has been fed and how it has been treated. I know that my guinea fowl eat well on a diet of layers pellets, grass, insects, greens and grain. They free range every day and seem to enjoy running up and down the farm yard and in and out of the fields. They always flock around the poultry hut at night and so I can assume that they are happy to go into the hut on a night so that they are safe from predators. Anyway guinea fowl meat is a little like pheasant and chicken. It has a mild gamey flavour and is tender and juicy as well as being a very lean meat. Guinea fowl meat has a good nutritional value.

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