Photo Hunt : Theme Skinny

When piglets are born they are very skinny and it is important that they start to suckle straight away so that they can get enough of the sow’s milk and colostrum in order to grow quickly and be healthy. 

When our first litter of Saddleback piglets were born at the end of October 2007 all the piglets were very skinny like the little piglet in the picture.

Day old piglets feeding.It was amazing to see that after only minutes of being born the piglets were instinctively looking for their mother and trying to suckle. It didn’t take them long to get into a routine of feeding and suckling their mother’s milk. 


Saddleback piglets rooting about in straw.The piglets don’t stay skinny for long and only 2 and a half months on the piglets have grown to a fair size. My 15 piglets are now eating about 25kg of food in a day and a half!

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