Piglet Named Juliet

Our Saddleback piglets are being raised mainly for their meat although if I have a gilt or boar that is a good example of a saddleback with a good temperament then I may consider keeping them.

As we have decided that most of the piglets are probably to be raised for meat, I have not given them a name in the hope that this will lessen the heartache that I know I am going to feel the day they go to the abbattoir.

Some of our friends have said that they would like to buy half a pig or a whole pig when they are ready. In fact one of my husbands family friends decided to buy one of our piglets for his teenage children. They have been to choose which piglet they would like. At the time of their first visit I had not tagged the piglets which made identifying between the piglets very difficult. They decided to choose a gilt that didn’t have a complete saddle around her body.

I asked them if they would like to name their piglet and they have decided to call her Juliet after their Grandma!

Here are some more photos of Juliet the piglet.

I have started to call the piglet Juliet and I know that this will make it harder for me to say goodbye. At least they won’t be going anywhere until April, so I will enjoy every minute I spend with Juliet and the rest of the litter of piglets.