Roast Quail

Roast quail is quick and easy to prepare.

  • The quail takes about 30 minutes to roast in a medium to hot oven.
  • Add some water to the tin as this will help to keep the meat moist and succulent.
  • Cover the tin with foil for the first 20 minutes and then remove for the last ten minutes so that the quail can brown off.
  • One quail will provide enough meat for one meal and two quail will make a very substantial meal for someone with a good appetite.
  • Half a quail can be used to make a roast quail starter.
  • The quail meat is succulent, tender and moist.
  • It is very flavoursome meat.
  • Quail is a game meat but it does not have a strong game taste to it.
  • I would recommend quail meat.