Straw For Piglets

The piglets are given straw in their pig pen for a number of reasons.

Saddleback piglets rooting about in straw.

  • The straw is a good bedding material and makes lying on the ground and sleeping more comfortable for the piglets. The bedding provides thermal comfort as well as comfort for their bones against the hard ground.
  • The straw is also provided as a means of keeping the piglets exercised and entertained. It stops them from getting bored as they love to root about in the straw for food. Keeping the piglets occupied with the straw is a good way of reducing aggression, tail biting and cannibalism.
  • The straw also helps them to carry out their instinctive behaviour which is to forage and root about for food.
  • The straw is a way of helping to reduce injuries and lameness in piglets as the straw helps to give the piglets a good footing on the floor.
  • The piglets dung and urine is also absorbed by the straw which helps to reduce their contact on the piglets.

Saddleback piglets rooting about in straw.

As you can see my Saddleback piglets love to root about in the straw, it can keep them entertained for quite some time, well that is until they realise my wellies are in the pen and then they want to nibble on them!


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