What to plant in the Raised Beds – Green Thumb Sunday

Vegetable garden surrounded by weeds 2006Vegetable Garden flooded in 2007 Watch this space for photographs of the raised beds in 2008!

I have spent today planning what to put in my raised beds after Joanna asked what I was putting in them when I posted about my new raised beds the other day.

I currently have 3 raised beds that are 1m by 3m and I intend to buy at least another 3.

Raised Bed 1 = potatoes.

Raised Bed 2 = brassicas.

Raised Bed 3 = salad.

Raised Bed 4 = squashes.

Raised Bed 5 = beetroot.

Raised Bed 6 = onion and garlic.

Do you have any gardening plans, if so I would love to hear about them.

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