Are Farm Cats Healthy Or Prone To Illness

I was asked by Tim @ Field Day if farm cats are healthy or prone to illness.

Everyone at work tells me off for talking about my cats so much – but it sounds like you’re every bit as much a cat lover as me! I always thought that farm cats tended to be healthy because they were tough – someone recently said they can be more prone to ills, however, because they’re often exposed to all sorts of viruses at a very young age. Any thoughts?
Tim Relf

Tim poses an interesting question which needs some research but my initial thoughts are that farm cats may have weakened immune systems if their parents and themselves have not been properly vaccinated. Farm cats may also be more exposed to a range of illnesses as they are free to roam and therefore may come across more germs and bacteria.

However from my experiences I have found my farm cats to be quite resilient and if they are poorly a bowl of milk or the even more popular, bowl of tuna fish tends to sort them out.

What are your experiences with farm cats?

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  1. It really depends on what you mean by farm cats, my parents have two outdoor cats neither are vactinated nor we would never pay for the vet but all are desexed and get fed regularly. they are wormed if they are losing weight and flea powerdered if their fleas are bad. These cats are pets that are ‘supposed’ to be mousers as well. The ginger has a tendancy to wander and is in very poor condition at the momment after dissapearing for two weeks (he’s about 10 we acctually thought he gone off to die) and bringing back a feral cat with him. Fat cat never wanders and is well a fat cat.
    I have a loner cat, who is desexed has never been vacinate or to the vet, he lives by himself outside the guest house which is largely empty and he wanders alot, so he only gets feed when he is at the house. He used wear a flea collar but he kept loosing them, then we swapped to frontline fortnightly because he was always getting paralysis ticks on him, now he gets frontline less than monthly because he has immunity to the ticks and hates being treated. unlike the other cats he is allowed inside if supervised because he isn’t properly house trained and makes a mess but he really likes to sleep in bed with you.
    So those cats get treated pretty well and if they look sick we will treat them and feed them more/better food.
    In addition to her household (the most beloved of whom will be taken to the vet if sick) cat my gran feeds the cats at her dairy which are really just feral cats that she’s tamed, so they just get milk and nothing else. lots of other people have hay shed cats and stuff that are just feral cats living in the shed. They are appreciated because they keep the pests down but not actually cared for anymore more that you might occasionally feed a wild bird or something in your garden. or occasionally chased by kids trying to catch the kittens.

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