Cat Leg Injury

Snowy is limping this evening.

There are many different causes of leg injuries in cats.


  • Traffic accidents.
  • A fall from a high location.
  • An infected bite wound.
  • A deep cut on the paw.
  • A burn on the paw.
  • A fractured claw.
  • A damaged or infected nailbed.
  • Arthritis.
  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Thrombosis.

I am not sure why Snowy is limping, there isn’t any outward evidence of injury and she is still wandering about the farm, or should I say limping about the farm! Her limp has not put her off moving about or eating for that matter.

Sometimes leg injuries will stop after a short time and the cat’s leg appears to be ok again.

I will keep a close eye on Snowy’s leg and if her limp doesn’t disappear in the next day or two then I will take her to the vets.

Come on Snowy get well soon.