Farm Animal Penpal Testimonial

The Farming Friends farm animal penpal scheme enables the penpal recipient to learn about farm animals in an interesting way.

At a cost of only £12 the Farming Friends Farm Animal Penpal will receive;

An introductory letter from the farm animal penpal.
A photograph of the farm animal penpal.
A birthday card from the farm animal penpal.
A Christmas card from the farm animal penpal.

You can choose a hen, pig, cow or guinea fowl penpal.

Recently Linz bought the Cow Penpal as a Christmas present for her step daughter. I am pleased to say that the gift was well received. Linz sent me this comment,

Thank you very much for my step daughter’s penpal letter from Milky. Being 18 she can be difficult to buy for, but on opening the letter on Christmas day, which had been wrapped up. Her eyes filled up with tears. On this response I wondered if I had done something wrong and went to comfort her to find out what was wrong. She thinks that the cow penpal is the most wonderful and best gift she has ever gotten.
Thanks again Sara for the chance to give my step daughter this penpal gift.

Thanks Linz for taking the time to send me this comment, your feedback is much appreciated.