Guinea Fowl Housing – Siting The Hut

Guinea fowl are birds that like to roost in trees but they can be kept in poultry huts with runs or free range guinea fowl can be trained to go into a poultry hut at night.

Marty left a comment on my site and asked, “Do you think it would be wiser to try and place the guinea fowl coop in a more sunlit area, or shouldn’t it matter? How do they do in the cold? Will they need a heat source or can they adapt fairly well?”

  • From my experience here in England the guinea fowl love to bask in the sun (when we get a sunny day that is!) but are also ok in the cold weather.
  • When it rains heavily they tend to shelter in the hedgerows and under trees although I don’t think they mind getting wet too much as they prefer to be free-ranging in the rain to sheltering in their poultry hut.
  • I have to say that they do not like snow and will not walk on snow. When we had a heavy snowfall 2 years ago they flew into the trees to roost for 2 days until the snow had melted.
  • I would try to place the coop in an area that does get alot of sun but is also sheltered from wind, rain and snow as much as possible.
  • I don’t have a heat source for my guinea fowl in the Winter although they do go inside the poultry hut at night. They seem to have adapted really well to the British climate especially since they originate from a hotter climate.

It is important to site the guinea fowl housing in a good position so that it is sheltered from the elements.

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