Guinea Fowl Sexing – The Male Guinea Fowl

Sexing the male guinea fowl means looking out for the following characteristics;

Male Guinea Fowl

  • Males have more upright posture.
  • Males have longer, larger cupped wattles.
  • Males only make 1 syllable call.
  • Males have larger helmets.

Guinea fowl sexing can be difficult so let farmingfriends know if you would like any help with identifying the gender of your guinea fowl.

  1. I didn’t know that info though my parents, who were farmers from the Orkney Islands, would probably have known how …
    I had a friends, sadly deceased now, who used to let me gather the feathers from her guinea fowls. I used to decorate little baskets with them and fill them with Easter eggs, or use them in my paintings of birds :)

    Comment by Wildlife Gardener – February 11, 2008