Guinea Fowl Sexing

Guinea fowl sexing is not always easy especially if the guinea fowl are young.

I received this comment from Sheila, “I have three guinea but I don’t know which one is male. Are there some characteristics different between both?”

There are a number of ways to tell if a guinea fowl is male or female.

Females hang lower to the ground .V. Males have more upright posture.

Females have smaller wattles .V. Males have longer, larger cupped wattles.

Females make 1 and 2 syllable calls .V. Males only make 1 syllable call.

Females have smaller helmets .V. Males have larger helmets.

It is very difficult to identify the male and female guinea fowl birds. This picture shows the male on the left and the female on the right. From this picture you can see that the male has a larger helmet and wattles than the female.

Male Guinea Fowl .v. Female Guinea Fowl

Check out the video of the female guinea fowl call to also help sex the guinea fowl.

If you have difficulty sexing your guinea fowl then please let us know and farmingfriends will try to help you with your guinea fowl sexing.