Guinea Fowl Sound

Guinea fowl males and females make very distinctive sounds.

  • Female guinea fowl can make 2 types of call.
  • The 1 syllable call can is made by the male and female made and sounds like repeated chattering, “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah……”
  • This call is very loud and is usually made to frighten away predators.
  • The 2 syllable call can only be made by the female guinea fowl and sounds like they are saying, “Come back, come back, come back.”
  • This call is used to communicate with other guinea fowl and is sometimes made when one of the females has been separated from the group.

Listen to the female guinea fowl call, “Come back, come back, come back!”

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  1. my step father says make a trap. so i am going to get a male and strape it to the cage and have the female come in the cage to the male then the cage door will drop and i will put them in a hugh cage for them to breed

  2. how bad can guineas hurt me? i am trying to catch one on foot and its not working out very well. better guess?

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