Leaving Unhatched Eggs After The Hatch Date

Different eggs have different hatch rates.

A chicken egg has a hatch rate of 21 days.

I was left a comment by Jayne asking, “Could anyone tell me please how long after 21 days should you leave unhatched eggs under a hen before removing them?”

  • Although I don’t have much experience of eggs hatching under hens myself, I thought that a hen generally gets off the eggs when the fertile eggs hatch out, although I could be mistaken.
  • I know that for an incubator, the general rule is to keep the eggs in the incubator for up to 4 days after the main hatch, so I would say that if the eggs haven’t hatched by day 25 then it’s time to think about moving the hen or eggs.

If anyone has any experience of leaving unhatched eggs under a hen, then I would be interested to hear your experiences.

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  1. i have to sent you and exchange veiws in order to have knowledge is there some reasons made eggs unhatch in incubator ; is storeing as reason or humidity differences or temperature i want to be know if this factors have effects;

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