Name The White Guinea Fowl

 have decided to keep my white guinea fowl, a decision I made before I knew the gender of the bird but luckily for me the white guinea fowl is female.

I would like to give her a name as she will become part of the farmingfriends family of named animals, so if you have any good suggestions then please let me know so that I can set up a poll and get your votes.

Suggestions already made are;

  1. Snowy by TopVeg.
  2. Cotton by Michelle.
  3. Coco by Michelle.
  4. Nilla by Michelle.
  5. Crisco by Michelle.
  6. Miss White by Diane.

The white guinea fowl is a female and she is 6 months old. She stays in a gang of 6 guinea fowl which all hatched out together. She is a very vocal guinea fowl and is always calling out.

Fiona and Danny @ The Cottage Smallholder hatched some of my guinea fowl eggs under their lovely broody hen, Mrs Boss, producing 4 lavendar and one white guinea fowl. They named their white guinea fowl Lightning, however tragically Lightning’s life was only very short. I did wonder whether I could call my white guinea fowl Lightning the 2nd, in memory of Lightning. Fiona and Danny, let me know what you think as I don’t want to upset you. Actually I have just re-read Fiona’s post about the tragic news of the loss of Lightning and after wiping away the tears I once again shed for Lightning I wondered whether Angel or Hope might be good names for my white guinea fowl. Let me know what you think.

I will endeavour to take a more up to date photo of my white guinea fowl so that you can cast your eyes over her beautiful white feathers for inspiration.

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  1. Hi, we had a white guinea fowl my boys had named Misty. She was tragically killed by a hawk when she was only a few months old, probably because she was easy to spot in the fall. She was the most outspoken of her little flock and also the one who would try to protect her more fearsome sisters. Our new white guinea hen is called MIney (after Hermine Granger my son said). All the best!

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