Pancake Day

Tuesday was pancake day (Shrove Tuesday) and we decided to have pancakes following the recipe below.
Steve also had a go at tossing the pancakes which he did very well.
A Recipe For Pancakes
· 4oz / 100g plain flour
· pinch of salt
· 1 large egg
· half pint (300ml) milk
· butter / oil
1. Sieve flour into bowl and add the salt.
2. Make a well in the centre of the flour.
3. Crack egg and add to the flour.
4. Mix the egg and flour, gradually stirring in a quarter of a pint of milk.
5. Mix well until bubbles are visible and then gradually mix in the rest of the milk.
6. Melt the butter / oil in the pan so that the pan is fairly hot.
7. Pour in a little of the batter mixture, tilting the pan to cover the bottom.
8. Cook until golden brown on one side and then turn over and cook the other side.
9. Repeat until the batter mixture is used up.
10. Serve immediately with your favourite topping.
Steve and I enjoyed our pancakes with golden syrup and lemon juice. Delicious!
What do you like to serve with your pancakes?