Piglets Are Now 3 Months Old

The piglets are now just over 3 months old and what a handful 15 they can be!



3 month old British Saddleback piglet nibbling wellington bootWherever I want to be, a gang of rowdy, curious and inquisitive piglets seem to have their snouts there too. If they are not biting my wellies, they are nibbling at the feed bag as I try to pour the 25kg bag into the feeder or pushing at the water bucket as I tip it into the water trough or even nibbling on the fork or shovel as I try to clear away 15 growing piglets muck.

I hardly dare call them piglets as they are growing fast. When they are charging around the pen, I have to be careful that I am not swept off my feet.

Although the piglets can be a bit of a pest and a mischievous pest at that, I would not be without them. Their curiosity and inquisitive nature is one of the things that I love about them, except when they push open the pig stye door and wander into the next door barn. When they make a bid for freedom into the next door barn, it takes me ages to get them all rounded up and herded back in. Give me a gang of guinea fowl to round up anyday!!

3 month old British Saddleback piglet3 month old British Saddleback piglet3 month old British Saddleback piglet3 month old British Saddleback piglet


I have taken to visiting the pigs at about ten at night to check they have enough water. At this time of night they are not so curious and after a quick sniff of my wellies and overalls they are soon back to laying down. I like watching and listening to them at night. It’s great to see them all snuggled up together and if a tummy is on display it likes to be rubbed. It’s hilarious watching a pig flop itself back to reveal more of it’s tummy as they really enjoy the rub. The noises at night are also funny, it’s a real symphony of snoring, snuffling, snorting, teeth grinding, grunting and even the occasional break of wind!

Some of the pigs will get up at night and have a wander about and then when they go to lay down they try to snuggle into the tiniest gap between two other pigs. This results in a lot of grunting and shuffling as they all snuggle down. Sometimes a mischievous pig will sit on the back of another pig or lay right across it’s belly and this is not appreciated as the barks and grunts of the previously sleeping pig ring out until one of them moves to a more comfortable position.

I could watch these creatures for hours. If I cannot be found in the house, I am sure to be found in the pig pen with my lovely piglets, the only problem with spending so much time with the pigs is I now carry a piggy aroma around with me too!

  1. It’s lovely you’re getting so much pleasure from them. Young animals are kind of addictive aren’t they? And what time wasters!

    Comment by paula – February 6, 2008 @ 9:29 pm

  2. I love your descriptions, Sara, of your time with the pigs. 15 is not a handful. That’s several hands-full!

    Comment by nikkipolani – February 7, 2008 @ 6:16 pm