Temperament Of Charolais Cattle

Charolais cattle have been bred and reared on our farm for nearly 50 years as they are a large fast growing breed of beef cattle. TBird asked about the temperament of Charolais cattle.

What kind of temperament do your cattle have. My husband thinks Charolais are famous for a not-so-great temperament.

We raise Hereford/Angus cross. We have 3 calves (2 bull and 1 heifer) on the ground already and are awaiting 5 more. We don’t usually have any more than 20 or 21 head at a time. Tbird.

My husband says that the Charolais has a fairly docile temperament towards humans, but they do sometimes fight with each other. They are a large, late maturing breed who have a tendancy for badly overgrown hooves.

My father in law who has been breeding Charolais cattle for nearly 50 years says this breed are reasonably good to deal with and are certainly not as flighty as the Limousin breed. He says that at calving time the Charolais cow will get very protective and can be bad to deal with. He feels that the advantage of raising Charolais cattle is that they are a large fast growing breed with good confirmation.