Can Snails Change Their Shells?

I received a comment that led me to research whether snails can change their shells. Van & Lilo commented,

“We found a garden snail and brought it home to keep it safe, even though the shell is broken, none of its body is at sight and hes still alive and well. My daughter named it Gary. I was wondering if we find him a new empty shell will it move in or thats just not possible?
van & lilo”

My research led me to believe that the snails body is attached to the shell so removal of the shell would damage the snail’s body and it would also dry out and die. Since the snail is attached to the shell, I don’t think that it will move into another shell.

So the answer to can snails change their shells is actually no snails cannot change their shells.

Thanks for the interesting question Van & Lilo.

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2 thoughts on “Can Snails Change Their Shells?”

  1. As Travis said, they do repair their shells, I use to collect snails with broken shell when i was kid, and keep them safe until they would fix their shell completely, just make sure they have some fresh food all the time and it will be better soon 🙂

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