Cat Glossary

Cat Definitions

  • Carnivore – An animal that eats other animals.
  • Cat – A small carnivorous mammal.
  • Deworm – To treat a cat to remove and prevent worms.
  • Feline – A cat or another animal in the cat family.
  • Grooming – To comb and clean the fur a cat.
  • Kitten – A young cat.
  • Litter Box or Litter Tray – A box or tray where cats are trained to go to the toilet.
  • Neutered – The removal of the sexual organs from a cat.
  • Tomcat – A male cat.
  • Vaccinate – To be given injections or tablets to provide immunity to certain diseases.
  • Weaning – To start feeding a cat food other than it’s mother’s milk.