Guinea Fowl Laying Season Begins

Saturday 8th March 2008, saw the guinea fowl egg laying season begin.

I found one guinea fowl egg laid in the paddock. I don’t know if this is where the guinea fowl laid the egg or if a magpie has tried to move the egg but it was certainly an unusual place for the guinea fowl to lay it’s egg as they like to lay their eggs in a dug out ground nest that is covered with foliage or greenery such as a thick patch of nettles.

I will now begin my guinea fowl egg count. Last year I collected 275 guinea fowl eggs but think that I lost over 300 guinea fowl eggs to the magpies. The guinea fowl began laying on the 23rd February 2007 and finished on the 20th September 2007.

My guinea fowl free range and so finding their nest sites is not easy. I have to watch their movements carefully so that I can track down their eggs and I also need to make sure that I get their before the magpies who are partial to stealing guinea fowl eggs. We currently have about 6 magpies in and around our farm. I will let you know when I find the official guinea fowl nesting site.