Fluffy The Cat Is Four

Fluffy The CatIt was four years ago to this date that I found Snowy the cat in the heifer barn with four kittens. My friend Izzy took two of the kittens and we kept two, who became Tigger and Fluffy (two beautiful white and ginger tom cats). Tigger used to follow me everywhere Fluffy followed Tigger but unfortunately Tigger became ill in October and passed away. For a time I thought that I might lose Fluffy as well as he really pined for Tigger. I missed Tigger too so I knew how Fluffy felt.

Fluffy was a cat that used to keep his distance when Tigger was alive but over the last four years, I have spent lots of time chatting to Fluffy and carefully petting him. In time Fluffy has changed and become a very friendly cat who I love dearly.

Happy Birthday Fluffy!