Guinea Fowl Eggs

Are guinea fowl eggs a speciality egg or just a small egg? I have been pondering this thought recently as I have decided to sell some guinea fowl eggs for eating at the farm gate. As I made the decision to sell my eggs, the next question to answer was how much to charge?

I did the usual search on the internet and checked all the major supermarkets to see if they were selling guinea fowl eggs but couldn’t find any. After a discussion with my husband I decided to sell 6 fresh, free range guinea fowl eggs for £1. With this price chalked up on the chalk board at the farm gate, I had decided to market my guinea fowl eggs as a speciality, free range egg. I think that guinea fowl are a speciality breed as they are not widely found in the UK. My guinea fowl free range daily and I have noticed that the yolk is a rich yellowy orange colour with a superior taste to other eggs purchased from the supermarket.

A family member however, pointed out that the guinea fowl eggs are small and that they need to use 3 guinea fowl eggs for every two ordinary hen eggs and that the price of hen eggs is cheaper, so buying my guinea fowl eggs would not be cost effective for them.

I can see both sides to this debate. What are your thoughts on guinea fowl eggs? Do you think that they are a speciality egg and therefore worth paying more for or are they just a smaller egg and therefore more are needed for baking and eating and therefore should not cost as much as the free range hen egg? Let me know your thoughts.

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