Incubating Grouse Eggs

Incubation Period

The incubation period for grouse eggs is 25 days.

Incubation Temperature

The temperature in the incubator for grouse eggs is 99.5 degrees fahrenheit.

Humidity Levels

The humidity level (wet bulb thermometer) for grouse eggs is 82-86 degrees fahrenheit.

Final Day Of Egg Rotation

The final day of egg rotation for grouse eggs is day 22.

Please note that all of this information is only a guide and that this information may differ according to the incubator manufacturer’s guide.

Always consult the manufacturer’s guide when using an incubator and automatic egg turner.

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  1. hey sara,
    i am really interested in raising grouse on my small holding, could you plese put me in contact with a reputable supplier of black or red grouse eggs,i would really appreciate your help. thankyou, gareth mc daid.

  2. Hey , but where can i get some eggs from!
    We live in Germany and we have no grouse here!
    So if you can give us some information where and how to buy eggs!
    Thanks ! Bye wes

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