Instructions For Growing Parsnips

Parsnips are a Winter vegetable but parsnips are generally planted in March and April.

Farming Friends & TopVeg have now collaborated to create a How To Grow Parsnips growing card.

How To Grow Parsnips Growing Card
How To Grow Parsnips Growing Card

Click on the image to enlarge and if you wish to print off this growing card, right click on the enlarged image and then click print picture to print out a copy.

If you would like this document as a pdf, just contact farmingfriends and I will email you the document.

I intend to print off copies and then laminate the sheet so that I can use the growing card with my school gardening club in the future.

Teachers, children, vegetable growers and anyone interested in growing parsnips are welcome to print off this growing card for their own use.

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  • If you have any other growing cards that you would like Farming Friends & TopVeg to create then please leave a comment and we will be happy to create it for you.

    If you would like to grow parsnips then Thompson and Morgan supply parsnip seeds. Click on the banner to visit Thompson & Morgan.

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    1. Hi Sara, Found this site while looking for a pickled beetroot recipe which I’ve printed.
      I notice the ‘How to grow vegetable link. Thought I’d have a look as I’ve never been able to grow ‘Parsnip’. Clicked on ther link How to grow Parsnips growing card and receive the following message. a real shame as I was hoping for advice.

      I’m Sorry, This Page Does Not Exist 🙁

      Apart from that, a real nice web site.

    2. Hi ben,
      Thanks for dropping by. How good to find my info on the web. Steve says what were you doing looking up about parsnips?!
      Hope to catch up soon.
      Sara @ farmingfriends

    3. hi, just trawling the web for some info and your website came up so i thought i would call in and say hi

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