Newborn Saddleback Piglets

Here are some photos of the newborn Saddleback piglets.

Cagney’s Litter – Cagney had 10 piglets which were born sometime before 6.30am on Thursday 10th April 2008. Nine of the piglets were doing well but one of the piglets had got too cold and was laid near cagney’s head. I am pleased to say that we revived the piglet with calf’s powdered milk and a warm in the aga!

Lacy’s Litter – Lacy started to farrow at about 2pm on Thursday 10th April and she finished some time around 5pm having 11 piglets. After an initial bit of snapping at the first few piglets Lacy calmed down and the rest of the piglets were able to suckle as soon as they were born.