Sow Farrowed And Piglets Born

Cagney the Saddleback sow has had her second litter and this morning when I went out to the farrowing pen at 6.30am there were 10 piglets. Nine of the piglets were feeding but one of the piglets was lying near Cagney’s face. He was still alive but panting. When I managed to pick him up, the piglet was cold. I placed him under the lamp and went to make up some milk and get my husband Steve. We tried to get the piglet to suckle from the sow but he wasn’t strong enough, so we decided to bring the piglet into the house. We gave him some powdered milk and then placed him in a tray with a towel in the warming oven of the aga.

I am thrilled to say that after an hour the piglet was able to sit up and when I tried to feed him again he was wriggling about so much that I decided to take him back outside to the others. This was exactly the right thing to do as he was moving about with the others as soon as I returned him and it quickly became difficult to see which one he was.

I am keeping my eye on the piglets to make sure that they all suckle from Cagney, so I’ll let you know how they get on. I have taken some photos and will post them up later.

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  1. my sow has just given birth and as yet don’t think any of the piglets have suckled as she wont lie down it has been about 4 hours now and im worried that she isnt going to feed them is this behavior normal?

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