Teeth Clipping Piglets

Farmers and pig owners may decide to teeth clip a piglets needle sharp teeth when they are young. This can be done as it helps to stop the piglets from marking the other piglets as they fight over the sows teats and fight for a pecking order and it also helps to reduce the risk of the sow damaging her teats or getting an infection.

We used proper teeth clippers to clip the teeth of our 21 piglets when they were a couple of days old. The job is alot easier when the piglets squeal a little as they reveal their teeth when they do this, although it is not an easy job to do if you get a piglet that likes to wriggle as you then have to be extra careful not to damage the tongue and gums.  Clipping their teeth when the piglets are only a few days old is recommended as they are much easier to handle.