The Goose Market Is Getting Fat By James Gulliver – Guest Appearance

An article written by James Gulliver of Gullliver Geese on the Growth of the UK market for Fresh Goose. Gulliver Geese are the largest producer of day old goslings in the UK and have goslings for sale from April through to August.

The Goose Market is Getting Fat
Historically Goose was eaten on special occasions such as Christmas and Michaelmas. The celebration of Michaelmas is seldom recognised and Christmas Goose has been sidelined by the American import, the turkey.
But goose is making a come back….
As Goose producers and members of the BGPA, the British Goose producing Association, Gulliver Geese are well placed to comment on the popularity of fresh goose at christmas. “We have seen a steady increase over the last ten years in the demand for day old goslings” says Martin Gulliver of Gulliver Geese “this increase is reflected in a recent report published by Defra.”
The increased demand is being driven by people becoming more food aware with food becoming a pastime as opposed to a necessity where quick preparation and ease of cooking is paramount. The evolution of the Celebrity Chef has helped to put goose back on the table due to its unique taste.
Goose related products are also becoming more popular, Goose fat is now firmly believed to be the best fat to roast your potatoes in. Sales of goose fat in 2007 outstripped supply leaving goose producers with a totally new problem,Not enough fat!
Michaelmas Goose is also making a come back with some restaurants pushing the Michaelmas or “Goose Day” very hard.
Michaelmas coincides with the autumn equinox, historically, the day of the year on which the serfs of the manor elected a reeve. The reeve was expected to ensure all other serfs started work on time and that no one was cheating the lord of the manor out of any money. This day was also recognised as the beginning of the farming year , the time for rents and debts to be paid to the lord of the manor. Many landlords would hold a goose feast for all tenants to supposedly protect against financial hardships.
Michaelmas is still celebrated in many European countries and Michaelmas goose is starting to gain popularity within the United Kingdom. Michaelmas goose is also known as the ‘green goose’ as they have been fed on stubble and grass as opposed to the Christmas goose which is finished on corn. Many restaurants and butchers have started to promote Michaelmas goose reviving old recipes and folklore surrounding Michaelmas
Look out at your local butchers and restaurants for Goose and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.
The Goose Market Is Getting Fat By James Gulliver from Gulliver Geese.
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Useful books for a new goose owner are Starting With Geese by Katie Thear and Ducks & Geese At Home by Michael Roberts.

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