Khaki Campbell Ducklings Hatch Out

The Khaki Campbell duck eggs I had in the incubator started hatching on Thursday which was 4 days early. It looked like it would be a disastrous hatch as I hadn’t even taken the egg turner out and then we did and this obviously changed the temperature and humidity in the incubator just at the crucial hatching time.

Anyone I’ll stop babbling and let you know how we got on. We have 7 khaki campbell ducklings.
6 of the ducklings we helped to hatch out which is obviously a big no-no in the world of incubation and only one of the ducklings hatched out unaided.

At the moment I still have incubator on as I know that most of the eggs were fertile and some may still hatch out, although I do think the odds are stacked against this.

Anyway the 7 ducklings are very cute and seem to be strong and healthy. They have a daily swim in a bucket of water which they enjoy once they are in the water. It is amazing that day old ducks instinctively know how to swim.

The ducklings have long flat beaks and when they have a drink they like to shake the water droplets everywhere, so the brooder gets covered in water.

The ducklings are quite active and don’t seem to rely on the heat lamp like guinea fowl keets do.

I am hoping that ducklings do not suffer from pasting up like guinea fowl keets. I have noticed that when they go to the toilet the dropping shoots out of the opening, so hopefully there won’t be any pasting up.

I’ll keep you posted on their progress and will add a photo soon.