Rearing Day Old Partridges

I received an email about rearing day old partridges

Rearing English partridge from day old all set to go two questions.
Heat lamp should it be a Red glowing infrared lamp or white.
Why have I been recomended to make sure no daylight is can be seen and for how
These birds are just to be released to the open in a no shooting area.

Hi Roger,

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It is my understanding that a red heat lamp calms down the birds. When I have raised guinea fowl in the past few years I have used a white lamp and this has always been fine. My father in law found a partridge chick one year in the yard so the chick went into the brooder with the guinea fowl chicks and was successfully raised into adulthood when the partridge was then released back into the wild.

When I put quail chicks in the brooder this year I put a red heat lamp as this was recommended in the books I read. As I said it was recommended as the quail are quite skittish and the red light is supposed to keep them calm.

I don’t know why you have been recommended that the birds should not see daylight. May be it is something to do with releasing them back to the wild without having seen the area they are in so that they behave naturally and don’t try to say in the area of the hut that they have been kept in? My partridge was kept in a homemade brooder and saw daylight as all the birds I rear do. I have now got a metal brooder that I line with corrugated card on the sides but the birds still see daylight from the top of the brooder.

I believe that partridges as well as quail don’t stay around if they are allowed to free range but I kept my partridge in a hut with a run on it once it no longer needed the brooder and infact the partridge did free range with the guinea fowl for a while before it just naturally went back to the wild.

I hope this information is useful.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

Excellent, thank you for your quick reply. Shall not avoid some daylight as I like you think it is normal.
Cheers Roger

If anyone has any experience of raising dayold English partridges then I would like to hear from you.

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  1. hi
    i am about to start rearing some day old partridges for the first time in around 4 years i wondered if you could give me some essentail tips that i may need in rearing these young partridges

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