Renovating Chicken Hut

I have an old chicken hut that is sitting in the orchard doing nothing. I have decided to renovate the chicken hut so that it can become a broody hut for broody hens and guinea fowl.

Each side of the hut has uneven edges as the wood is rotting in places. A few days ago I decided to put by carpentry skills to the test and saw off the uneven edges and make the base of the chicken hut level so that the hut sits on the ground with no gaps between the hut and the ground. I have managed to saw all the edges successfully and the hut now stands on the ground without any gaps.

I have painted the outside of the hut a medium oak wood preserver that is safe for animals and the hut is beginning to look like new!

I have also nailed parts of the sides together where they were coming apart.

The next job is to replace the wire netting on the front of the door and then decide what to do with the floor. If I add wood to the floor then it might be heavy to move about and may rot over time but the wood would stop any predators from burrowing under the hut and attacking the poultry. A wire netting floor would not be so heavy and would allow the birds to peck at the grass under the hut but there is an increased risk of predators getting into the hut as the wire netting is not as secure as the wood. Decisions, decision!

If anyone has any advice they would like to give about the flooring of the poultry hut then I would like to hear it, so please leave a comment.