Broody Hen Deserts Eggs To Sit On Hatchling

Does anyone have any advice for Pauline whose broody hen has hatched on of the duck eggs and then dserted the rest to sit on the duckling?

Just found your site and it seems ideal. I have had 7 duck eggs under a broody hen and on Wednesday (the 28th day)the first hatched. Against all odds too, as its the second broody (the first deserted) and the eggs had gone very cold for a time. Unfortunately the hen again left the remaining eggs to sit on the duckling so I have just removed the 6 today unhatched. I am very disappointed and quite anxious as I duck will be lonely. Pauline

Hi Pauline,
Thanks for visiting and commenting. I am glad that you like the look of my website. Congratulations on your duckling hatching out but I am sorry that the hen deserted the eggs and the other eggs didn’t make it.
Maybe you could try incubating some eggs in an incubator and placing some pot eggs under the broody hen and then when the ducklings hatch in the incubator you can put them under the broody hen so that she will still adopt them. I know that Sallyanne has done this successfully with her silkies before so that might be worth a try. I hope that your duck doesn’t get too lonely.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

Any advice about what to do when a broody hen deserts the eggs would be appreciated.