Disappearing Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl sometimes disappear and do not return at night. This could be because:

  • the guinea fowl are new to the habitat and cannot find their way home.
  • the guinea fowl have been spooked or frightened.
  • the guinea fowl have been taken by a predator.
  • the guinea fowl hen is sitting on a nest.One always hopes that the reason is because the guinea fowl hen is sitting on a nest somewhere.

    Elize sent me a comment about her guinea fowl that have gone missing.

    I raised two guineafowls. They bred twice but after the second time, (their hatchlings are a few weeks old already), they have both disappeared. Is it possible that they flew away or did something catch them? (Since they were tame and like pets). I don’t know a lot about their behaviour but I thought they would stay or at least come home every night because they were hand raised and very tame. Elize

    Hi Elize,
    Thanks for visiting my website and leaving this comment.
    I am so sorry to hear that your guinea fowl have disappeared. If you have had your guinea fowl for a while and they are used to their surroundings and environment then it is not likely that they have flown off as guinea fowl do not like to fly unless they are underthreat from a predator or get spooked.
    If the guinea fowl where new to the environment they they may have got lost and can’t find their way back. Over the past 4 years of observing guinea fowl I have found them to be creatures of habit that follow a routine. Although they can range far and wide if they are able to they do seem to have a pattern to their ranging and will return at the end of the day.
    The only time that my guinea fowl haven’t returned is if the hen is sitting on a nest, if they have been frightened and have either flown up high or are hiding in the undergrowth or if they have been taken by a fox.
    If i cannot find my missing guinea fowl on any nests and in the trees above then I start to check the hedgerows. On two occasions I have lost guinea hens to foxes and on both occasions I have found a pile of feathers that indicate that they have been taken.
    As you say, your guinea fowl were hand raised and were tame so they are likely to come back if they haven’t been frightened by anything.
    I hope that a predator hasn’t got you guinea fowl. if they do come back, do you lock your guinea fowl up at night? if you do not I would train them to go into a hut. Mine have all been trained to go in a hut at night and in the Spring and Summer when the threat of foxes is greater I get the guinea fowl in a little earlier than nightfall so that they are safe. if they roost in trees, they are more at risk to predators especially in the summer.
    I do hope that your guinea fowl return safely. let us know if there is any good news and let me know how the hatchlings get on.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Have any of your guinea fowl disappeared and then returned? Let me know your story.

  • 2 thoughts on “Disappearing Guinea Fowl”

    1. Something is removing the eggs from my guinea hen nest. What could this be?
      I was happy she nested right along side the coop so I could protect her if she sits on them.
      All my guinea fowl return to the shed at night to roost and I lock them in securely.
      Late summers are higher risk during the day but I have not much control over that.
      We have fox…lots of them. Whatever decided to remove the eggs must be brave and quiet as the shed is right outside our bedroom and I heard not a peep from the fowl or the
      creature??? The dogs did not stir either. 3 eggs removed in one night.
      Any ideas?

    2. Hi,

      You suggest Guinea Fowl are vulnerable, and more at risk from predators, when roosting in trees. I thought being high up, would mean they are safe. Could you please say more about this?


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