Gardening Gift Ideas

It was my dad’s birthday today (Sunday) and he was thrilled to receive his gardening gift. A few months ago, I decided that I would give my dad some vegetable plants that I had grown from seed myself. Although this gift doesn’t cost alot in terms of money, the time and effort spent preparing the gift for the special day makes this a very special gardening gift.


I gave my dad the following plants that I had grown from seed:

  • 1 courgette plant.
  • 1 broad bean plant.
  • 1 dwarf french bean.
  • 1 yellow dwarf french bean.
  • 3 tomato plants and a grow bag to plant them in.
  • 4 cabbage plants.
  • 1 purple sprouting broccoli plant.
  • 1 seed tray with freshly sown lettuce.
  • 1 seed tray with freshly sown radish.
  • 1 seed tray with freshly sown beetroot.My niece and nephew stayed over on Saturday night and my niece helped me label all the plants and sow the lettuce, radish and beetroot, so thank you Nicki.

    Dad seemed thrilled with his gift and I am sure it has kept him busy in the garden. Hope you had a great birthday dad.

    If someone you know loves gardening then sowing your own seeds and giving them some of your own vegetable plants makes a great healthy and special gift for any occasion, if you’ve got some vegetable plants in the garden already doing well then they would make a great gift for father’s day at the weekend.