Hatching Guinea Fowl Eggs

Guinea fowl eggs take approximately 28 days to hatch.

A dog recently found where our guinea fowl was sitting on her nest, scared her away and broke a few of the eggs.  Three of the remaining eggs we put in our incubator and the rest we put under a neighbours broody chicken.

A week last sunday one of the eggs in the incubator hatched and we now have a small week old keet in the brooder, who appears to be thriving.

None of the other eggs however, have hatched.  We’ve left them in the incubator and under the chicken.  They have been their for 20 days now.  Is it likely that we’re only going to get one lonely keet from these eggs or is there a chance that others may hatch in the next few days?

If we do only have the one keet, although we have 5 other guinea fowl, will they shun it and he/she will just be very lonely?

Thank you!

Hi Gill,

Thanks for your enquiry. I hope that your guinea fowl keet is doing well. The incubation period for a guinea fowl egg is 28 days but it could be up to a week later and is sometimes earlier depending on the conditions in the incubator.

If you only have the one keet the others may ignore it as I have noticed that my guinea fowl often hang around in their age related groups, that is until the males pair off with the females. It could also depend on the number of females and males in your group. Guinea fowl tend to pair off or go around in a small group so if you have more than one male then the dominant or subordinate male may adopt the new guinea fowl as his own when she is old enough, that is assuming the keet is a female. Male guinea fowl tend to have a ritual of chasing each other in front of the females to win their attention, so if it is a male it could pair off with one of the females in your group of 5!

You may consider getting some day old keets or hatching some more in your incubator if you think that the keet may be lonely, or you could chance it with the group as guinea fowl aregenerally social creatures and like to hang around in a group.

I hope that more of your eggs do hatch off and that your keet does well. Let me know how
you get on.

Best Wishes

Sara @ farmingfriends

if you have any experience of hatching guinea fowl eggs then I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment.