Hatching Partridge Eggs

English Partridge are game birds and their eggs take about 23-24 days to hatch out.

Hi, how long does it take for English Partridge to hatch out under a broody bantom? I’ve got 10 eggs off of a friend who has a pair of English Partridge and im going to put them under 1 of my broody hens.
Many Thanks

Hi Scott,

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Partridge eggs take 23-24 days to hatch out, but when I am incubating eggs I always leave them for a few days longer, so if the hen is still sitting I would leave them. I believe that when a
hen lays a clutch of eggs the first egg laid will still hatch at around the same time as the last egg laid as the incubation conditions do not begin until the hen begins to sit.

Good luck with your eggs and let me know how you get on. Partridges are great little birds to watch.

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If anyone has any useful information about hatching partridge eggs and particularly English partridge eggs then please leave a comment.

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